Apec Brake Grease 75ml

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Apec Brake Grease 75ml


Apec Brake Grease 75ml

Apec Brake Grease helps you do the most professional job on new brake installations. Its specially formulated copper-free lubricant assists the smooth movement of braking components, and minimises noise.

Apec Brake Grease effectively withstands water and high temperatures, and is fully compatible with ABS brakes.

Apply Apec Brake Grease sparingly where the pad abutment points contact the caliper carrier, and where brake shoes contact the wheel cylinder and expander.

Make sure you keep it away from friction surfaces, rubber seals and boots. Apec Brake Grease is manufactured to the same high standards as the rest of the Apec Braking range, to provide quality you can trust. Supplied in a handy 75ml tube.

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