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Whether you need a new part or just some advice, Alan Quine (Parr Lane) Ltd can help. We’re able to provide you with the most comprehensive range of car parts and accessories in all areas of our business.

We’ve got everything you need to fix your car or do a complete overhaul. Whether you need brakes,  engine parts, or body parts, we have it all. Contact us at any time with your inquiry or head over to our one stop shop for parts here:  Parts Finder  

car parts and accessories

Over 35 Years Experience In The Motor Industry.

With over 35 years of experience, the team at Alan Quine (Parr Lane) Ltd knows what it takes to make your vehicle safer and more reliable than ever. Our one stop shop makes it easy to find quality parts that will improve your driving experience.

Excellent Customer Satisfaction.

Alan Quine (Parr Lane) Ltd has been voted “Excellent” in the UK for customer satisfaction. That’s a big deal—because many businesses struggle to provide this level of service. We’re here to take care of you with affordable and quality parts and accessories that’ll last you more than just today.


car parts and accessories

Shop From Home and Save.

Shop online for all your car parts and accessories with competitive prices, worldwide delivery and great customer service.

car parts and accessories