Key Cutting

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Key Cutting

There is nothing more annoying than having to take keys off of a key-ring to give to someone else, it’s all too fiddly and time consuming. You don’t want to have to give over your whole set of keys, leaving you unable to enter your home or car. Alan Quines has a solution. At Alan Quines we offer a key cloning service so that you can have a spare copy for all these and similar situations, or to have a spare key (just in case). Key cloning is offered while you wait along with our key programming and key cutting services.

Key Programming

Car Keys

At Alan Quines we have been cutting and cloning car keys and remote key fobs for over 8 years; this includes Ford Tibbe keys, Laser cut keys and Renault key cards. The majority of keys we are able to clone are in stock and can be cut and programmed for an exact match with our state of the art machinery, while you wait.

For our current list of programmable keys please contact us.

Household Keys

And we’re not just limited to car keys, here at Alan Quines we are also capable of cutting household keys, padlock keys and mortise keys of all shapes and sizes for you with our in-house equipment. This allows us to give you huge savings with money and time on equivalent products that use the same original equipment as we don’t have to send the keys off to get cut.

Pile of keys
For prices of all our key related services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.