Are Speed Limiters Coming to the UK?

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Speed limiters must now be added to new vehicles made in Europe as part of new continent-wide plans to reduce road traffic accidents. The technology will be added to cars sold in the European Union (EU) and the Department for Transport here in the UK was involved in development of the plans. I think it’s fairly safe to assume that we will be having them as well as the majority of cars manufactured in Europe end up here on the UK roads albeit right hand drive.

Can you turn off a speed limiter?

It is possible to switch off your speed limiter device. However you cannot permanently disable it – the next time you switch on the engine the speed limiter will be switched on again. It’s also possible that the authorities might scrap the option of turning it off in the future.

Does the speed limiter consume more fuel?

With OEM Speed Limiter, fuel consumption can be cut back by up to 37%, depending on driving style and route (independent E-Cruise test conducted by Fleet Van Magazine, England). For instance, reducing speed from 130 km/h down to 110 km/h yields fuel savings of approximately 20%.

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